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Netizens disappointed with 2PM’s Chansung

In a scene in an episode of reality show Mnet Wild Bunny, 2PM maknae Chansung was seen to have littered on the show, which has been creating somewhat of a big commotion amongst the netizens.

Netizens noticed that after eating his icecream, Chansung put his garbage onto the side and continued to walk as if nothing had happened.

One sharp-eyed commoner screen capped this moment and uploaded it on an internet community site, which netizens replied to with: “Why (would you) put your garbage where you’re supposed to put in a newspaper,” “Although I like 2PM, how could you commit such an action right in front of the camera,” “Although celebrities are humans too, shouldn’t (you) be a bit more careful when you’re on a program,” and etcetera.

Although 2PM’s Chansung may not be the brightest crayon out of the box, these hypocrite netizens are seriously overreacting – With celebrities spending most of their lives being followed by a camera, one could easily forget about their surroundings.

And plus – with the amount of attention 2PM has been receiving lately, all the poor guy needs is just some time off the camera!

On a side note, look out for 2PM’s new FULL album dropping soon!

credit: Allkpop


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