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2NE1’s 11st CF


After rocking the stage yet again with another remix of “I Don’t Care”, the powerhouse newbies, 2NE1, are back to please the fans with their latest CF for 11st clothing line.

In the CF, the girls show off their interesting fashion choices while conversing with one another via their cellphones. And for those who were interested, the palm tree hair style sported by Dara makes a lovely comeback in the CF. The girls themselves have a very interesting fashion sense, as a group and individually, so their affiliation with 11st clothing is practically a match made in heaven. Check out the CF under the cut!

Also, here are some promotional posters for 11st featuring these lovely ladies and their individual and unique styles.

2NE1 CF 22NE1 CF 1

cre: Allkpop


2 Responses

  1. […] advertisement deal with online market mall 11st and as a result of this, many have already seen the CF that they did for 11st. Well, now the making of that particular CF has been released by […]

  2. Keren bwanget!

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