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JYP – 2PM, SNSD YoonA – After School UEE

2PM is returning with a full-length album

JYP twitter

We had news earlier that 2PM will be returning in the first week of October, after JYP replied to a fan through Twitter. We have more updates on 2PM’s comeback after JYP updated his Twitter with another picture and update.

The new picture sees JYP, with back facing the camera, working hard in the recording studio for 2PM’s upcoming album. He wrote, “Back in our manhattan JYP center studio finishing up 2pm’s 2nd song. They will release a full length album in Oct. Get ready!”

A full-length album will be very much welcomed by 2PM’s fans after two single albums. Happy 1st Anniversary to 2PM ! ^^ And get ready your money!

Wife UEE meets Wife Yoona


In the next episode of MBC’s We Got Married, which will be broadcasted on the September 5th, After School’s UEE will meet SNSD’s Yoona in what is to be a encounter between actor Park Jae Jung’s current and former wives.

Yoona was paired up with Park Jae Jung on the drama “You Are My Destiny,” as the two acted together as a married couple. UEE mentions that she wanted to meet Yoona because both have been “married” to Park Jae Jung and share the experience of being girl group members with a great amount of individual activities. UEE expresses her wish to become friends with Yoona.

The two ladies meet during a taping of MBC’s Music Core as Park Jae Jung fulfills UEE’s wish by introducing them to each other. Park attends the taping to cheer on UEE, who is featured on Mighty Mouth’s new album. From beginning to end, the meeting happens in good spirits because of UEE and Yoona’s honest, carefree personalities, and the two supposedly exchange phone numbers.


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