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Moon Geun Young. 8eight Lee Hyun, Lee Seung Chul

Moon Geun Young has such a good heart!

Moon Geun Young

Australia saw the opening of a Korean library on 15th May sponsored by actress Moon Geun Young; it has now belatedly released information about it.

Moon Geun Young has been sponsoring the Lindfield Korean School in Sydney for the last four years. She also donated over 10,000 books for Korean students learning the language at over 40 Korean schools scattered across the city. However, the number of books increased so much that it became impossible to manage it, so Moon donated an additional 100 million Wons (US$1=W1,246) towards the library. She also came down under herself to teach Korean for a day!

The school was reported as saying the students there did not have a chance to read anything other than textbooks to learn Korean, so Moon’s sponsorship has been of great help to them. What good heart she has.

8Eight Lee Hyun’s 30 Minutes Ago ver.2 Released

8Eight‘s leader, Lee Hyun, was chosen by hit ballad maker Bang Shi Hyuk to sing ’30 Minutes Later’; the final part of his ‘Goodbye’ trilogy to join Baek Ji Young‘s ‘Like Being Hit By a Bullet’, and 8Eight‘s ‘Goodbye My Love’.

With the first teaser being released on the 1st, the second teaser was released today, and is showing explosive interest with netizens. Although short, the new teaser is attracting much attention, with slight hints of Lee Hyun’s powerful vocals, further increasing the intensity of the release date of 8th September.

Producer Bang Shi Hyuk stated, “If you listen to the final chorus of the song, you can easily see why only Lee Hyun can sing this song.”
He also requested all fans to view the two trailers first before watching the MV.

Lee Seung Chul’s Love Is So Difficult

The veteran singer and former member of band BuHwal (Resurrection), Lee Seung Chul, has released the MV of his 10th album’s title track ‘Love Is So Difficult’ today.

Dedicated to recently dumped actress Kim Jung Eun, the MV features the dedicatee herself. It also stars actor Yoon Sang Hyun (who stars with Yoon Eun Hye in drama My Fair Lady).

The story is quite cliche: couples falling in love, breaking up, blah blah blah, but it was acted brilliantly by Kim Jung Eun, partly because she experienced a similar tragedy and shed a whopping 26 hours worth of tears shooting this MV.

The song, which in itself is beautiful, is made even better with such a great music video. The directing was phenomenal, such as the use of yellowish lighting all throughout the MV to add warmth to the clip.

Fans are hoping that this album will be a hit, especially as it could help Kim Eun Jung heal her broken heart.

Live promotions are yet to be confirmed, but hopefully we’ll see this hit up on the stage!


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