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Jay’s controversy mentioned on an American news channel.

“The lead singer of an outrageously popular boyband in South Korea has fled that country and landed here in western Washington.”

Perhaps not the best introduction to a news segment… but it has hit the airwaves in America. Seattle’s KOMO 4 News Channel covered the story, even showing Jaebeom’s house and even has a response from Hottests.

WOW, I can’t believe they showed the house, but they do that all the time with these stories… They even mentioned the Airplane Banner that flew over Seattle this weekend. I hope the controversy spreading to the US doesn’t affect him even more -_- ..

Well, they did a good job reporting, not like Travis MayfieldHe has a lot of antis now. *devil’s laugh*

And yes, this news just made South Korea look bad. *Give your applause to the netizen*


2 Responses

  1. fuck
    leave jay alone
    how rude they show his house>_<

  2. wooow. their article on the site pissed me off enough. but this? how can they just film his house? thats DIRESPECT. how is Jay going to get his privacy. like honestly i have no words to describe how pissed i am. .. i was speechless when i saw his house i was like nooo.. thats not his house it can’t be. they can’t do that. but sure enough. it was.. because the media ALWAYS gets their fricken way. and makes everythign worse than it already is. i hope jay didn’t see this. he must be UPSET if he did.. ugh. FUCK the media.

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