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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon talks about acting in Ninja Assasin

Lee Joon

It has only been about two weeks since Rain‘s first boy band, MBLAQ debuted. They’re currently rockin’ the kpop scene & have no trouble with popularity & recognition, which is only to be expected as the world star as their producer. Many of you have probably heard of Rain’s new Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin, which has been discussed for quite a while now. It was also confirmed that Lee Joon, a vocalist in MBLAQ, also played a role in the movie as the teen version of Raizo (Rain’s character).

Lee Joon had auditioned for the movie back in February, when he was a trainee. He stated, “I sent a PR demo tape of my acting to the agency that was promoting Ninja Assassin. I didn’t expect to get accepted at all, but I found out that I passed the auditions!

After I got the message, I went to Germany right after. The filming was two months long, and I had to film many action scenes and had to speak in English. I acted as the younger counterpart of Ji-hoon-hyung’s (Rain) character. I worked [very] hard filming this movie and you guys will be surprised.”

I don’t know about you, but I predict that Ninja Assassin will be a kick-ass movie. It’s already gotten positive reviews from critics and fans who’ve seen the sneak peak of the movie, and has lots of action and gore.


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