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2PM JaeBum’s AAA outfit fetches high price at star charity sales

Jay's auction

2PM member JaeBum’s stage performing costume has fetched a high price of 13.2 million KRW at a star charity sales, gaining the attention of many netizens.

On Lotte.com on 23rd October, the charity was held and each of the 2PM member’s stage performing costume were put up for sales. In particular, JaeBum’s costume went over from 5 to 10 times its price.

Even though it is the first day of the charity sales, the bids for the costume are coming in non stop. From the current status, many wonders what price will be fetched on the last day of the charity sales on 29th October at 3pm.

The costumes were worn by 2PM during their promotions for ‘Again & Again’.

Many fans probably want to keep the clothes for keepsake amidst all the drama around Park JaeBum recently.

Here are the current rankings as of: Oct 23 16:40 PM PST.
1. Jay – $13,200.00 USD
2. Wooyoung – $7.ooo,00.00
3. Khun– $2,200.00
4. Taec – $2.093,60
5. Chansung – $1.800,00
6. Junsu – $1.650,00
7. Junho – $1.430,00

2PM's auction2PM's auction12PM's auction22PM's auction3

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