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Gong MinJi poses with grandmother Mdm Gong OkJin


A photo of 2NE1 Gong MinJi taken together with her grandmother Mdm Gong OkJinhas roused the interests of many fans.

MinJi posted up the photo of her and her grandmother on me2day site on 26th October, with a note saying, “Together with grandmother ^^ Grandmother, who will always hold my 2 hands and call me a puppy♥”


Mdm Gong OkJin has been known for her contributions to the arts and culture of traditional dance in Korea. But she has stopped after suffering from stroke since 1998. And in 2004, she suffered from stroke once more, leaving the left side of her body paralysed. And just 2 years back, she also met with a car accident, her health conditions have not been at its best since then.

Mdm Gong OkJin would usually praise and help monitor her nephew granddaughter Gong MinJi’s performances on stage.

Meanwhile, fans’ responses to the photo are, “MinJi is a really filial girl, I hope Mdm Gong gets well soon”, “Really heartwarming to see and she is also a filial girl who dances well”, “She raised her granddaughter well, hope she gets well soon”etc.


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