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Korea-Japan collaboration ‘Telecinema’ featuring top idol group members to be revealed in November


The Korean-Japanese collaborate drama project ‘Telecinema’, featuring Japanese writers and Korean actors, will be screened from November.

The first part to ‘Telecinema’ will be aired on 9th October and it will feature actors Kang JiHwan and Lee JiAh, the production is named ‘The pods in my eyes’. And there will be in all 7 parts to the whole series.

The drama will be played in omnibus format and it will be shown in 2 parts with 60 minutes each to one part, like a movie. After they are screened in the cinemas, they will then be aired on SBS by beginning of next year.

Other than that, of the 7 parts, idol group member Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong for ‘Heaven’s Postman’ with actress Han HyoJoo; and Big Bang TOP and SeungRi for ‘19′.

Also to look out for are ‘Triangle’ featuring Ahn JaeWook, Kang HyeJung and Lee SooKyeong and ‘Rock’s Dream’ featuring Cha InPyo and Kim HyoJin.


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