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MBLAQ Thunder to perform together with sister Sandara Park


Rookie boyband MBLAQ member Thunder will be performing on the same stage with his elder sister 2NE1 Sandara Park.

Coming 31st October at 7pm in Seoul Olympic Stadium, the 2 will perform together for ‘SuperStar Power Of Love’ concert.

The group MBLAQ has been the topic amongst netizens even before their debut with member Thunder being the younger brother to 2NE1 Sandara Park. The group debuted back in early October, it was a shame that they did not get to perform with2NE1 on one stage.

But for ‘SuperStar Power Of Love’, the siblings will be performing together. Thunder said, “That day, we will be performing on stage together for the first time. I’m very excited.”

Meanwhile, Thunder also revealed that Sandara Park would send him messages like ‘Where are you’ often, to check on him. She would also help monitor his performances.


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