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JYP previews Rain’s Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ with 2PM and 2AM



Producer cum singer Park Jin Young (37)  has not save any compliments for his student Rain (27) for his Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin’.

It was revealed that Rain has a private premiere for his movie previously on 19th October in Seoul KangNam. Park Jin Young who have watched the movie said, “It’s really cool. Because of some of the scenes which look so real and lively, it is a good movie.”

It was also revealed that JYP boybands 2AM and 2PM were present at the premiere. Seeing his juniors suddenly turning up at the premiere, Rain become a little nervous for a while.

A staff said, “Rain was a little nervous this is the first time he is watching the complete full version of the movie himself. But the atmosphere at the premiere was good due to the presence of his teacher and juniors.”

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ will start screening in cinemas from 26th November. He will be holding the first press conference in Korea on 6th Nov, and he plans to do press conferences in 7 other Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia etc.


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