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Mysterious clock on 2PM website

Mysterious heartbeat

Performance boyband 2PM revealed a teaser site on 31st October for their November comeback.

The teaser site for 2PM (2pm.jype.com) revealed a glowing and beat heart with the sound of heartbeat. There was also a pulse line going through the heart on the site. But the highlight is the countdown clock below the heart on the site, and according to the countdown clock, we are 48 hours away.

2PM’s company said, “At the end of the countdown, it will be on 2nd November afternoon. Please look forward to what will happen to the teaser site on that day.”

For those of you who did the math and figured out the countdown would reach 0 at 4 PM on Monday, here’s why.

The countdown is synchronized with your personal computer’s internal clock. Also, the countdown never hits zero. If you move your clock forward to 1:59 PM on Monday the 2nd, the clock will read 1:59:00 and will freeze. Nothing happens afterward. The clock just stops.

What could it possibly be? 1:59 is the nickname for the 6 member 2PM. Possibly a deadline for Jaebeom to come back? Maybe the announcement of a new member? Who knows, but we’ll all have to wait for Monday afternoon to find out.

OMG.. We will just wait and see. If on Monday they release a teaser without Jay -> BAM !! The real war for Hottests will begin.


2 Responses

  1. my hands shaking, n i barely able to breathe.i hope this represent the return of jaybeom hyung n 1:59pm become 2pm!

  2. i love you so much you are my best band

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