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Why did Park HyunBin and Jang YoonJung boycott MAMA?


It has been revealed that trot singers Jang YoonJung and Park HyunBin will not be participating for MAMA this year.

According to the 2’s company on 1st November, it was revealed that they will not be attending MAMA. The reason for that is that there are doubts about the fairness and also selection criteria for ‘Trot music award’ for MAMA which the 2 are nominated in.

Briefly, it was said that Jang YoonJung’s ‘I like you’ released recently, featuring her boyfriend, has gone up to the #1 on Chart Korea for the 2nd week of April in just 2 weeks after its reveal. Even until now the song continues to receive much love from trot music fans.

Jang YoonJung is also a well-known and acknowledged trot singer – she won the Golden Disk last year and was voted as Korea’s #1 favourite singer. Even if it not in terms of album release, she is a singer with a certain level of popularity.

MAMA PD then voiced that they have selected the nominees according to MVs, and the duet song by Jang YoonJung and her boyfriend was not promoted on music shows and there was no MV for the song.

The nominees for trot music award on MAMA:

Trot Music Award – Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman), Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life), Seong JinYoo (딱이야), Joo HyunMi and SeoHyun (JjaRaJaJjan), Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)

And on 30th October, Gyeon Miri’s ‘Happy Woman’ was replaced by ‘Shy’ by Wink. Jang’s company also voiced about their unhappiness about how MAMA lacks in dealing with this – replacing its nominees – without any official announcement.


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