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YoonA, “After that incident, I have a serious fear for camera”



So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA reveals that she have been suffering from phobia of camera after the incident of ‘YoonATiffany bully’ as the netizens put it..

Recently the filming of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ she revealed, “I have been suffering from camera phobia.” The reason why YoonA find it hard to

The reason why YoonA revealed this was Yang JungAhYang JungAh has revealed on the show that day on her it was tiring not to be able to say anything about the rumours of her bullying Ye JiWon when she was on SBS ‘Gold Miss’.

And with that YoonA has also stated her stand carefully about rumours and speculations that went on about how ‘YoonA-Tiffany bully’ case previously.

And YoonA and Tiffany also talked about how the 2 of them have changed after the speculations of bully blown out of proportions by netizens.

YoonA said, “After that incident, I have a serious case of phobia towards cameras.” and how because of the fear, she was not able to do anything.

The incident:


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