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Photos of After School SoYoung’s last event revealed!



News of After School member SoYoung officially leaving the group which came on 29th October has left many fans dazed.

And recently, photos of SoYoung at the last event she did with the After School members were revealed online.

Netizens are saying that she looks really sad in the photos. Go under the cut for more photos!


Netizens say:

  • “What’s wrong with her? She looked like she has no strength”
  • “Himnae…ㅠㅠ..She looked like weak”
  • “After SoYoung’s leaving of the group, I can’t wait to see how After School will be”
  • “Why is she hanging her head low like that? Or did she see it coming?”
  • “Is is true that she is going out with Boom?”
  • “She looks healthy to me. Why leave the group?”

One Response

  1. so sad.. so young!!!!!!!!! boom?? no!!!!!!

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