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‘Tired of Waiting’ already ranking 1 on charts


After the revealing of 2PM’s latest song, the attention has been explosive, leading the song to take first rank in many real-time charts.

This afternoon, music site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) revealed ‘Tired of Waiting,’ in which it immediately took first rank.

The site stated “If the attention continues like this, 2PM will have absolutely no problem holding first rank in various charts. We’re currently rushing our questions on more information about the music video and the album. 2PM’s first album will definitely be the hottest issue of the last half of 2009.”

The track revealed on the 2nd is described to be an easy going song with strong senses that has lyrics reminiscent of 2PM’s leader Jaebum. 2PM’s agency has stated “Since ‘Tired of Waiting’ is receiving such popularity after Jaebum’s leave, we have put the green light on the rest of 2PM’s comeback activities.”


Everybody’s happy now? I’m not. Because 6PM success = Jay’s out forever.


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