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2NE1 members show support for Park Bom’s upcoming performance


2NE1 member Sandara Park shows her support for member Park Bom.

She uploaded a photo and wrote on her me2day on 2nd November saying, “Hello?! This is reporter Dara from 2NE1 promotions team. Recently the weather has gotten colder and 2NE1’s clothes have also gotten thicker just like… how the love between2NE1 and Blackjacks grow thicker everyday. Please be careful not to catch a cold~~~!!!”

And then she uploaded another photos saying, “Ah! Only BboInTeu (nickname forBom) is not aroundㅋ Coming 8th is her first performance, you guys know right? Yes that’s our 2NE1’s choon-yeo-sa! To show our support, the other 3 members will do public broadcasting. Everyone follow us too kolkol”

Netizens thought that Sandara Park’s encouragement post was cute.

Park Bom will start promoting her solo song ‘You And I’ from 8th November on SBS Inkigayo.



Meanwhile, Sandara also posted up a new photo saying:

Today is the day that CL learn how to ride a bicycle!!! Baby Rin who does not know how to ride a bicycle..ㅋEven though she wanted to learn it from her boyfriend.. Have to wait for 5 yearsㅋShe attempts under the guidance of DalOng!!! Huge success!^^ Now she can ride it wellㅋAnd she was envious about my new bicycleㅋㅋMeLong!! But I thought it was really freezing cold!!ㅠㅋ


Youngest Minzy also posted:

Everyone have you voted for 21st November MAMA↗ Upcoming MAMA! MINZY..GO GET’EM.. Anticipation..



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