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New DSP Girl Group ‘RAINBOW’



DSP is launching a new girl group after their first girl group KARA. DSP Entertainment, one of the big entertainment agencies, has already made success from SS501, KARA, and A’ST1. Lets see how far this girl group will go.

This girl group has been in training for four years. In the past as a trainee, they had the nickname ‘RAINBOW’ because they had been in a group of seven practicing. With debut coming their way, DSP decided to name the girls ‘RAINBOW’ so that the different characters of the 7 girls will be portrayed well.

Spending long times through the hard training, all members are supposed to possess strong and excellent vocals. A person related to the producing stated that every single member has excellent vocal skills and dancing  and unlike many of the new comers on to the stage, these girls also present a natural performance on stage and in the spotlight. Meanwhile, RAINBOW is supposed to be releasing a teaser music video for the song ‘Gossip Girl’ on the coming 6th (Friday) and show themselves to the crowd of people.

Kpop already have girl groups more than enough  ><


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