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SNSD Tiffany tears talking about other members teasing her at Korean



So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany tears while she talks about learning the Korean language and being teased by the other 8 SNSD members for her lack of knowledge on Korean vocabularies.

On SBS Kang Shim Jang aired on the 3rd, Tiffany revealed how the other SNSD members would tease or fool her on many attempts.

Go under the cut to watch the video.

Tiffany mentioned about she and member Jessica are both from the States. Hence initially her knowledge of Korean vocabulary is limited. She said “They would make fun of me on many occasions when I faced with tough Korean words. Recently, I didn’t know what ‘ByeoRook (flea)’ meant and they told me that it is related to fashion like how there is marine look (rook) and school look (rook). And I believed them. And when I told my coordis about it, they thought I was weird.”

She then carried on to talk about how she will try to steer away from such embarrassing situations. And teared when she said that she worked really hard to study the Korean language.

FTTS Brian also said that he understands how Tiffany felt. YoonA went on to explain how much hard work Tiffany has gone through to improve her Korean.


One Response

  1. LOL poor Tiffany, the other snsd members are pranksters>.< I kind of want to learn Korean though.

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