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WonderGirls and Park Jin Young for heartfelt confessions on MBC Golden Fishery



The WonderGirls were on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 4th November. And from the episode aired featuring the appearance of also their mentor Park JinYoung, many heartfelt and teary confessions about the girls’ advance into the American market were revealed.

The girls also talked about how they thought they will not succeed and want to stop singing their hit ‘Nobody’.

Go under the cut for article and video.

Stop singing ‘Nobody’ please?

The girls talked about how, “it will be good to stop singing the song ‘Nobody’.” of course jokingly.

They said, “Until now, we have sung the song for more than 1,000 times. We have sung it in Korean and English, and now we have to sing it in Chinese and Spanish. And together with other versions and genres like Tango and Techno, there will be about 9 versions to the song so much that even we can be confused ourselves.”

Park Jin Young about the American advance

Park Jin Young talks about the girls’ American advance, “It was agreed upon by all 5 members. We will get pushed out if we are to stay put in Korea. So they decided to work hard and give their best shot at it. It was considered the best decision to advance into the American market at this time.”

The girls about the American advance

WonderGirls said, “Because we have the dream, we can challenge ourselves to it. Even though we are young and making the decision is tough, but even if we fail because we are young, we can challenge ourselves to it again. But we know that we get to spend time with friends and families about the concert, we have to return to the States again in 4 days.

Time is running out and we have our complaints about it, but we just have to return to the States. It feels like we can’t do anything for the next 2 months.”

The girls adapting to the American life

Park Jin Young said, “It is very tough for these kids when they first arrived at the States. There was one day when Ye Eun was crying and asked, ‘Will we be like GSoul or Im JungHwa?’. These girls work hard to never disappoint and if I am to give GSoul and Im JungHwa a second chance it will be partly because of these girls.”

The girls mentioned how tough it was when they first arrived in the States as nobodies and then they have to do concert performances. Member YeEun said, “Our manager said ‘Just do well and don’t mess things up’. And I was angry and sad about it. We worked so hard and yet we have to hear things like that…” and teared during the filming of the show.


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