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2PM’s first interview as 6 members revealed



An interview featuring 6 members for the first time for 2PM after JaeBum left the group recently has been revealed.

The interview was done during the boys’ filming of Style magazine shooting.

Also, teaser videos for each of the 6 members for their upcoming comeback album have been revealed. Go under the cut for them.

Well, since the videos are linked to 2PM’s official YT account and I’m pro boycott, so I won’t post the vids here.

I will post the download link instead. Feel free to download it. But, please don’t watch on their YT account. Even one click could affect everything.

Kim Junsu.

megaupload || mediafire

Trans :

Music makes my heart beat.
The more I sing.
The more I listen.
The more I stand on stage.
My heart beats stronger.
I want to live like this until I die.

Lee Junho

megaupload || mediafire

Trans :

Fans make my heart beat.
All of the fans that love me, even though I don’t have much to give.
Being able to make someone happy with my music feels like a dream.
As long as there is a fan left for me, I want to sing for that fan.
It’s time to stand on stage now.
My heart feels like exploding.

Hwang Chansung

megaupload || mediafire

Trans :

Trust makes my heart beat.
Even when my heart would stop because of hardships,
I lived through it all because of trust.
As long as we are together, we can handle anything.
And my heart will beat with confidence.

Jang Wooyoung

megaupload || mediafire

Trans :

Anxiety makes my heart beat.
Every morning, it asks me a question.
Will I do okay today? Will I not be enough today?
And I tell myself.
I can do it. I can do it.
My heart beat feels faster.
Now, this is the start.

Ok Taecyeon

megaupload || mediafire

Trans :

The people I love makes my heart beat.
The love I give, the love I receive.
My family, friends… and our 7 members.
The more I think of them, my heart gets warmer.
I want to be with you guys forever.

Nich Khun

megaupload || mediafire

No trans. Because he’s speaking English

Dl link & trans credit to : 2ONEDAY


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