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K.Will’s Hypnosis is banned


K.Will‘s track Hypnosis featuring Outsider, from his recently released 2nd album Miss, Miss and Miss, has been declared inappropriate for broadcast by KBS.

KBS stated that “mute,” from a part of the lyrics where it says, “speechless mute, paranoid bigot, that I may be but if its you I promise to love forever,” can be disrespectful to a handicapped person and therefore was deemed inappropriate for broadcast.

K.Will’s agency stated,

“We are shocked, as Hypnosis was planned to be a followup promotion [after Miss, Miss and Miss]. We didn’t mean to have that word really refer to a handicapped person. It was a metaphoric term for someone who could not show affection for their love. … We respect their judgment, but we will discuss and request that the performance be allowed.”

Lyrics often tend to have very deep meanings and “mute” was just an example of one. Let’s hope they get permission as soon as possible so that we can see K.Will and Outsider’s performance!


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