Park Jin Young to speak up officially about JaeBum’s future plans on MBC Golden Fishery



JYP Park Jin Young will talk about 2PM JaeBum’s return on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Mureuppak Dosa’.

After previous week, coming 11th November on the show, Park Jin Young will talk about JaeBum’s future plans, after leaving group 2PM and is currently staying in the States. This will be the first time that Park Jin Young talks officially about JaeBum after he left the group.

And also recently, in the teaser video released for 2PM’s 6-member comeback, it was mentioned in the video, “We are 7 members”. And fans are curious and wondering if this means that JaeBum will be returning to the group. So with that, it will now hold greater meaning now that Park Jin Young will speak up about JaeBum.

And also the production team to the show said that they will not edit out any part of Park JinYoung’s speech on the show.

perfect timing to release such news. lol.

coincidence? prolly not.. haha


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