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TVXQ Hero ‘Heaven’s Postman’ Press Preview

hero n HHJ_111009_0

As earlier reported, TVXQ Hero Jaejoong’s acting solo in “Heaven’s Postman” will be revealed on 11th Nov , but as always, the  Press People get the privilege to see new movies sooner than us -normal people- and they get theirs for this movie too.

The “Heaven’s Postman” Press Preview held on Nov 9,2009 (4.30 pm local time) and took place at Seoul-Wangsibri(Wangsimni) CGV.

More Photos from event under the cut!

hero n HHJ_111009_g

hero n HHJ_111009_b

hero n HHJ_111009_f

hero n HHJ_111009

hero n HHJ_111009_e

hero n HHJ_111009_c

hero n HHJ_111009_d

Hero Jaejoong-ee Solo Photos!




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