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Netizens on Sunny’s middle school grad photo, “What’s wrong? You looked cute back then”



On the latest episode of SBS Strong Heart aired on 10th November, So Nyeo Shi Daemember Sunny was seen a little angry (?) at her middle school graduation photo and even broke the photo panel.

On the show during the ‘Boomkigayo’ corner, celebrities’ middle school graduation photos were revealed – from Super Junior EunHyuk, to goodlooking Boom, to healthy looking Kang HoDong, to role model student Tei.

But when it comes to revealing Sunny’s middle school photo, the moment the photo was revealed, she has broken the photo panel.


This was similarly to what happened to Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn when her middle school photo was revealed on the show on 27th October. She has also broken the photo the moment it was revealed. It was later hailed as ‘GaIn violent reaction case’ by many netizens.

GaIn herself said that she could not look at the photo for more than 3 seconds.

Netizens’ reaction:

  • “Why not? I thought Sunny looked cute in that photo”
  • “In anyway, they are still like goddesses in my eyes”
  • “This was funny. I knew Sunny would break the photo. But still, I love the 2″
  • “Try counting those whose middle school graduation photos would look good. I don’t even wish to look at mine”
  • “Well, makeup does wonders you know”

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