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Psy, “GDragon is one good idol model”


Singer Psy praises Big Bang member GDragon amidst criticisms of plagiarism.

Psy said in an interview recently on 9th November, “GDragon is one good idol model.”

When asked about which junior singers caught his eyes, the singer songwriter said, “In terms of capabilities, it has to be Big Bang. Especially for JiYoung, who seems like he is doing good. For idols who make music and just idols, you can see how different they will be in 10 years. Personally I think that the principals will be the same after 10 years. So with that, I think a kid like Kwon JiYoung is a really good idol model.”

And regarding the criticisms of plagiarisms for the ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ released previously in August, Psy said, “I agree with the people who listened to that portion ofthe song. But I thought through this, (he) will get to learn and develop more.”

He continued, “Not just meant to be put up as a show, I really look forward to see what GDragon will offer for his next works after this.”

Meanwhile, Psy will be performing with Kim JangHoon for their concert ‘Kim JangHoon, Psy’s Wantachi Concert Tour’ which will take place from 20th November.


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