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2PM comes back officially as 6 members with performance on Mnet ‘O Good Concert’


2PM had their successful comeback stage as 6 members after JaeBum left the group previously in September.

2PM performed as 6 members officially for their comeback on Mnet ‘O Good Concert’ on 12th November, performing 2 songs ‘I Hate You’ and ‘Heartbeat’.

2PM also showed their upgraded features through their powerful comeback performances. The boys said before their performance to reporters, “We really have confidence with this title song ‘Heartbeat’. We are not saying that we are confident the song will get #1 but we meant to show the performance with confidence on stage since we have worked hard to prepare for it.”


All I can say is, “Welcome Back”


2 Responses

  1. I dunno wat to feel anymore…….they did good but w/o Jay in it, i feel lost TT__________TT
    And i just wanna ask: Is the banner with Jay real? they really have done the photoshot with Jay also?? pls ans me, i cant wait for the answer! the moment i saw that pic, i cant believe in my eyes…….pls tell me that it’s true :((

    • @Theresa :
      nope, the banner is not real. The jay picture was edited by the KHOTTEST. but how i wish it was real. I seriously miss Jae T.T

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