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No New Leader for 2PM and their parents come together to show support


As 2PM begins their official activities for ‘Heartbeat’ from their ‘1:59 PM’ album, many have been wondering as to who will be the next leader.

2PM’s agency JYP stated “There will be no new leader for 2PM. They have all trained together for so long that they all know their roles and parts. The members themselves don’t feel the need for a new leader so we have not given thought to a new leader. The members will be pulling themselves together in cases where they need that leading. Basically, everyone is the leader.”


Parents of 2PM come together

For 2PM’s comeback stage on the 13th at KBS’s Music Bank, 2PM’s parents from Korea, America, and Thailand have come together.

Nichkhun’s parents from Thailand, Taecyeon’s parents from Boston, and Junsu’s parents from Ilsan, Korea came to Seoul at KBS.

2PM’s agency JYPE stated “After hearing of 2PM’s comeback, their families have physically come to support the boys. From as near as Ilsan to as far as America and Thailand, they will be watching the stage together.”



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