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Ivy & 2PM to share MAMA stage

After having pulled in great attention with TOP and Lee Hyori’s kiss at least year’s year end ceremonies, the special stage this year has been revealed to be between 2PM and Ivy.
MAMA has stated that there will be a surprise stage with these two singers. With the shocking kiss that took place last year, many are expecting the chemistry between Ivy and 2PM to be a step higher in an effort to attract the same, if not more, attention.

2PM is not only the sexiest male group of the year, but Ivy is the returning ‘Sexy Queen,’ making the anticipation for their stage that much greater. Many are translating this stage as the meeting of 2009’s sexiest icons.

With SM artists boycotting and the withdrawal of SS501, Son Dambi, and etc, the public has been wondering whether MAMA could pull off a successful ceremony. Amongst the controversy, the stage between 2PM and Ivy is receiving that much more anticipation and expectations.



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  1. […] have been expressing their surprise over the expected MAMA stage between 2PM and Ivy. After switching their name to MAMA after 10 years of being MKMF, MAMA revealed plans on having Ivy […]

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