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Mason Moon, up and coming flower boy?


Remember Mason Moon?

He appeared in Jang GeunSeok’s movie ‘Baby And I’ and was also on variety shows like ‘Good Daddy’ together with celebrities like Kim GunMoKim HeeChul and Lee HongKi.

His recent photos were revealed. How much he has grown!

Comparing his recent photos and when he was younger.


Netizens say:

  • “He is so pretty. It’s hard not to like him”
  • “I can’t tell if he is a boy or a girl”
  • “He will grow up like Kim HeeChul, to be a flower boy”
  • “Kyaaa like this he will grow up to look more like Nich Khun”
  • “He’s like Nich Khun miniature”
  • “I want to have a child like this”
  • “Tsk, when a baby is pretty when he is young, he will grow up looking weird”
  • “I think I will have babies like that if I marry Nich Khun and have children with him”


c: Kbites

He’s sooo cuteee~ !!! I think he will grow up becomes NIchKhun’s look a like.


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