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Inkigayo apologizes for 2PM’s stage

2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ comeback performance on Inkigayo  yesterday

SBS’s Inkigayo production team sent out a message of apology for the poor audio in 2PM’s comeback stage.

Inkigayo aired on the 15th and received much complaint and criticism for their poor mic and audio issues, resulting in a faulty stage for 2PM. Inkigayo promptly put up an apology notice.

The team stated “We would like to take the time to explain 2PM’s stage today regarding their audio issues. We would first like to apologize to the viewers for not having 2PM’s stage go as smoothly as it could have. The production team also feels very sorry and upset because 2PM is also Inkigayo’s MC’s and have practiced for a long time for that stage. The practice stage in the afternoon went well but the production team wanted a much more glamorous stage and so we decided to put in more effects into the audio.

Although at the time of editing, there were no errors, but during the output stage, there was an error found in the audio. We have never had this happen and we would like to apologize for not double checking beforehand.

To all of the disturbed viewers, and to the fans that have highly anticipated this stage, and to 2PM that have practiced so long for this performance, we would once again like to apologize.”



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