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MBLAQ for Vogue Girl


MBLAQ will be in the December issue of Vogue Girl.

During the photoshoot, the members decided to show a more boyish side that’s different from the masculine side they show on stage. A Vogue Girl representative expressed,“To show a fresh look, we used very light makeup and hair that made them look natural in the photos.”

Go under the cut for more photos!


Thunder even gave a name to the cat he worked with on the spot. He called the catDoongDoong which is similar to his stage name, ChunDoong.

MBLAQ was not used to shooting for a magazine and so they appeared pretty awkward at first. But as time passed, they looked more comfortable in front of the camera.


In the interview that followed the shoot, leader Seungho said, “It was a burden and pressurizing to be the group that Rain produced. But our opinions on that have changed. We just want to become more mature and work through hard times to prove we can be worthy as the group that Rain has produced.”

Lee Joon also talked about his role in Ninja Assassin“My role was to look helpless and I watched the final version of the movie and I feel like I completed my task.”

Thunder shared his thoughts on his sister, Sandara Park of 2NE1“I’m happy to be working as a singer alongside my sister. It’s a relief to know my family is part of the same world I’m in.”

The December issue of Vogue Girl will be out on the 18th.


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