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After School to come back with 2 new members! Comeback concept photos revealed!


After news went out that member SoYoung has ‘graduated’, After School’s comeback concept photo reveals 2 new ‘freshmen’ enrolled onto the team!

Joining the original team of GaHee, Bekah, JungAh, JooYeon and UEE, the 2 new members will make the team 7-members, this was different from the originally planned 5/6 members.

Now, how exciting does the sound!!

From left to right: Bekah, JungAh, UEE, JooYeon, ?, ?, GaHee

Also from where the concept photo was revealed (DCInside), rumours have it that here are the particulars to the 2 new members:

the left (light-colored hair)
Name: Nana
Real name: Im Jin Ah (임진아)
Birth Year: 1991
Still in High School, is a model, to be another rapper in After School

on the right (short hair)
Name: Reina (레이나)
(Romanized name not confirmed)
Birth Year: 1989
To be the second main vocalist together with Jung Ah

credit : dcinside, AfterSchoolCraze.com , Kbites


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