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Battle members Jin TaeHwa and Shin GiHyun respond to Lee HyukJae, “Sorry that we are not successful ^^”


Battle members Jin TaeHwa and Shin GiHyun expressed their unhappiness about gagman Lee HyukJae’s criticism against the group.

On 14th November, during the radio show that he was in charge of, Lee HyukJaeinsulted Battle by telling guest appearance BEAST, “Hey, in a while you guys could be like Battle too. These days Battle doesn’t have any activities.”

And on 16th November, member Jin TaeHwa wrote on his minihompy, “Sorry that we are not successful ^^” and fellow member Shin GiHyun replied to the post, “Ha… Ridiculous”.


Shin GiHyun also wrote on his minihomy,

What about us? The way I see it, I have not seen anyone as capable (talented) as us, as hardworking as us, and as kind as ourselves. I will remember this. And you are saying this as a joke? Those words are like dagger piercing our hearts.

As for TaeGwan and JiWoon who are serving the country now in the army, these words would really help their army life after hearing this^^

For TaeHwa who is working hard promoting as solo singer, will get more encouragement hearing this when he perform on stage^^

And saying these to newcomer singers who just debuted… Ha.. I am speechless

Thank you. We will be able to bear with this toxic (harshness) and this will make us work harder.

Fans are also angry over what Lee HyukJae said on the radio show.

While, netizens’ responses are:

  • “Right, you should work hard, and not become like Lee HyukJae”
  • “Battle winner, Lee HyukJae loser”                                                               (Pun on the recent loser incident? Netizens have been using the English word Loser a lot more recently)
  • “Even if Lee HyukJae may be saying the truth, as seonbae, that is definitely not the right way to put it”
  • “The way the boys put it, cute ^^”
  • “To say the truth, I have not heard of the group until Lee HyukJae blew this up. Isn’t this good?”

Lee HyukJae’s company has said, “There is no intention to talk bad about Battle. He is cross to Battle’s company and he wishes for the group to be successful more than anyone. He will be posting up an apology post on 16th November. He will also apologise again on the show tomorrow.”

C: Kbites


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