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JaeBum was with 2PM for their comeback stage

After starting their activities as a 6 membered group, it has been revealed that 2PM’s leader Park Jaebum also participated in their comeback through an international phone call. Before they prepared to get on stage on KBS Music Bank, 2PM gave a phone call to Park Jaebum in Seattle and gave a promise to show their best stage along with their famous greeting.

Group singers usually have their own greeting and words of encouragement before a stage. For 2PM, it began with the leader’s “What time is it now?” followed by the rest of the members’ “It’s 2PM!” greeting.

But the leader was not present for the day of their comeback. Through Wooyoung’s cell phone, 2PM was able to call Jaebum in America and conversed through the speaker phone.

Through the phone, Jaebum shouted “What time is it now?” and 2PM shouted back “2PM.” The staff and other singers watching them in the waiting room gave a round of applause at the scene. A representative of JYPE stated “It was a very tearful scene for everyone in the room. 2PM must go on leaving the empty space for their leader and have even withdrawn from variety shows.”

C: DONGA NEWS; hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY


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