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Watch out for Teuk-kigayo on Strong Heart! Lee Teuk to take over Boom’s position


Boom’s empty position on SBS variety show Strong Heart will be taken over by Super Junior Lee Teuk.

The show has garnered a record high of 18% viewership rate in just 5 episodes into its first airing on 6th October. The show is known for its great guest appearance cast and also the regular cast on the show like Boom himself.

And with Boom currently in the army, the show will miss one star appearance. Park PD to the show said, “When we first planned about this show, we thought of Kang Ho Dong and Boom. Boom plays an important role on the show, bringing laughter while supporting both the MC and guest appearances.”

The corner of the show ‘Boomkigayo’ has been one of the highlights to the show, where Boom will do parodies of songs with Boom Academy (SuJu Lee Teuk and EunHyuk).
Park PD continued, “The corner ‘Boomkigayo’ was all Boom’s idea. And with the good responses from the viewers, he continued to build on the idea. But now that he has gone for his army duties in such a short notice, we thought that it was a shame to let it go.”

“In the future, Super Junior Lee Teuk will continue the corn as ‘Teuk-kigayo’. Lee Teuk is motivated to do well for this and is working hard for it. Already, the filming for ‘Teuk-kigayo’ has ended. Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk and ShinDong has carried out the corner smoothly. Even though it is a shame that Boom cannot join us for the time being, but there is something fun to it too.”

Boomkigayo FTW!



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