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2NE1 Sandara Park’s fan letter to Lee Hyori revealed!


2NE1 Sandara Park reveals that she is a fan of diva Lee Hyori on the recent episode of SBS Family Outing. And a fan post/letter which she wrote to Lee Hyori when she was younger has also raised a topic.

Sandara Park has said on the show that day, “For Hyori unnie, I carried melons from the Philippines to Korea.”

And a post she wrote on Hyori’s fancafe when she was young was also revealed on the show. Sandara Park had gone by the nickname of ‘Smiling Eyes Wabang Hyol’.

Go under the cut to see her post written at the fancafe!

She wrote this back in 2003:

I know that Hyori unnie would come to the Philippines

That you will come to me~! Kkk

Seeing in only after 1 year +.+ (Still don’t know if I will see you or not -_-;;)

But still ㅠ.ㅠ HeukHeuk it’s good~!

Should I hold a banner when you arrive at the airport or should I just wait -_-?

Kk it is a little weird to hold banner when you are overseas kk

I even wrote you letters

Ai~ Like you~!

C: Kbites


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