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Nadia releases “Twinkling Boy” & “Rewind”

Today,Nadia released their first mini album!

Nadia is composed of 2 members, Hwang Hyun and Myung In Hee. Their name is from the animation “Nadia” and they expressed their simple, yet feminine image along with a mysterious atmosphere through their single.

Here is a bit of info about the 2 members: Hwang Hyun mastered in composing classics and he was in a one-man producing group RoomMate. In the past, he has worked withSNSDNatsunJ and Seo Yeon. Myung In Hee is the team’s female vocalist, as she was in a modern rock band THE THE with Park Hye Kyung and Han Hee Jung. She participated in soundtracks (OST) for dramas such as Lovers In Paris and Spot Light. She also has experiences from concerts in Japan.

Go under the cut for full song!

Their title-song Twinkling Boy will have the 80s’ kitsch atmosphere with a motive. It will have a catchy addicting sound as it is known to be a hot project amongst netizens.

Have a listen!

What do you guys think, is Nadia hit or miss?


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