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Netizens find Nich Khun’s elder brother Nichan adorable

Korean netizens have recently become much interested in 2PM flowerboy member Nich Khun’s elder brother Nichan.

Some netizens have posted up photos of Nichan on online bulletin boards, and netizens find Nichan as adorable as Nich Khun himself.


  • Name: Nichchan Horvejkul
  • Nickname: Nichan/Chan
  • Birthday: 11th September 1986
  • Height: 1.73m
  • Education: Bachelor of Computer Engineer, University of California Riverside

Photos of Nichan:

There is even fan video made of him:

Netizens say:

  • “Really good looking”
  • “How am I going to live on like that? This family really have some good genes running”
  • “I want to be their little sister”
  • “Nichan is goodlooking. NichKhun is pretty”
  • “His brother looks like Choi SiWon!”
    • “Agreed”
  • “But my Khunnie is cuter”

Aww~ !! Good genes run in the family. Nah, now I really want Netizen post up JaeHan’s pict. X)

C: kbites


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  1. they’re all good-looking n cute….

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