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Ballad singer K Will does GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’

Ballad singer K Will has been seen practising GDragon’s solo hit ‘Heartbreaker’ recently via a video revealed.

Even though K Will’s trademark is his ballad songs, his rendition of the song is applaudable.

On an episode of SBS ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate,’which is scheduled to air on the 21st, singer K.Will transformed into G-Dragon and performed his hit songHeartbreaker. Donning stylish clothing and a blonde wig, K.Will bore such a striking resemblance to the Big Bangleader himself that even he would have had to do a double-take. The talented singer is said to have received high praises for his dancing, which was never revealed before. Perhaps he deserves a change in his stage name to K-Dragon.

It’s already a given that K.Will’s vocals will be up-to-par – if not, exceed – the original artist, but many people are curious to see how well he fares with the choreography. Not many people can pull off the “running man” dance as well as G-Dragon.


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