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MBLAQ Thunder has a son!

Idol group MBLAQ member Thunder has become a father!

And his son – DoongDoongie, the kitty. A photo taken of Thunder and DoongDoongie was showed in fashion magazine Vogue December issue where MBLAQ was featured for a photoshoot. During the photoshoot filming, Thunder has fell for DoongDoongie at first sight.

DoongDoongie’s owner Noh JooHee, representative of feline cafe ‘Coffee & Cat’ said, “Thunder kept holding on to the kitty during filming, and gave the nameless kitty a name ‘DoongDoongie’. And now Thunder has been registered as the official father to DoongDoongie.”

Thunder also posted up on his minihompy a post titled ‘I’m DoongDoongie’s father’. And also posted up a photo of DoongDoongie and him in the photo section on the minihompy.

But it is known that Thunder will not be taking care of DoongDoongie personally, due to his busy schedule. DoongDoongie will be taken care of by ‘Coffee and Cat’. And Thunder will visit him when he wants to.

c: kbites


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