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Netizens unveils Jang GeunSeok from young till now!

Jang Geun Seok recently have his drama comeback in SBS ‘You’re Beautiful’ and his great acting skills in bringing eccentric character Hwang TaeKyung to live have also earned much praises from TV viewers to critiques.

Netizens get a little obsessed with this loving and digged out photos of Jang Geun Seok from when he is young until present.

Go under the cut to see the transformation!

Netizens’ responses:

  • “I hope he fixes his nose again and make it look right”
  • “He is so good looking”
  • “Even as a guy, I think he is very good looking and charming”
  • “Hyung nim is very cool!! I’m hyung nim’s fan!!”
  • “Oh no, how? Whenever I see Jang GeunSeok, I only see Hwang TaeKyung”
  • “I’m sure he will look better if he have not done his nose

c: kbites

Hyungnim x) I’m fall in love with him when he was in Hwang JinYi. He’s so cute and handsome. x)

One Response

  1. he has had a nose job before?!

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