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GDragon had expressed his condolences for late Daul Kim on MAMA

Big Bang GDragon was seen expressing his condolences for late top model Daul Kimon 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on 21st November.

A white flower was seen on the left side of the coat he was wearing on the red carpet that day. It is not common to see such a fashion on prize ceremony. And it was known after that he had want to express his condolences for late Daul Kim. A friend ofGDragon said, “It was a big shock for him as the news came all of the sudden. When he was preparing for his outfit that day, he thought of Daul Kim and wanted to place the flower there.”

GDragon has also wrote on his me2day on 20th November, “My condolences to MissKim DaulDaul ah, please rest in peace. I’ll pray for you Goodbye..”

The 2 are known to be friends. GDragon had great interests in fashion and the 2 could get into conversations very easily. This goes the same for 2NE1 stylist ‘Yang Gang’.

c: kbites


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