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Tablo’s brother criticizes Infinite Challenge New York special episode

Epik High Tablo’s elder brother Dave criticizes MBC Infinite Challenge and its recent special New York episode.

Dave wrote on his minihompy on 21st November on his thoughts about the episode, and this has been the topic amongst netizens. Even though, he has closed the menu tab on his minihompy, many capture shots of his post have already been circulating on the net.

An abstract goes, “Even though I was a little worried about the Infinite Challenge members going to New York… I felt mad embarrassed watching the episode. Gagmen in our country can make it even in New York? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?”

He continued, “Didn’t the New Yorkers not cared about them when they are wondering on the streets not knowing how to speak a word of English, wouldn’t they think of them as fools trying eat anything they were given at the pizza house or when they are dancing the maedduki dance and doing gag in front of the white people in a rundown warehouse…”

“Even though this is variety, the low quality gag should just be done in our country. Please huh? Don’t you earn billions every year? Why do you need to go this overseas and even all the way in New York and look like assholes? MBC is trying to make something big out of this?”

“I think this is one amazing episode for those fellows from MBC who planned the rubbish and for reporters reporting this embarrassing idea of trying to let New York and whole world know of ‘the gag we are proud of’, our national pride. Our countrymen are such humiliating people?”

Meanwhile, netizens are taking both sides of the debates. Some thought that Dave has gone too far with his words, while others thought that he made some sense.

The episode where Infinite Challenge team goes to New York


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