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2PM TaecYeon chosen as #1 beasty celebrity


2PM TaecYeon has been chosen as the ‘beasty’ celebrity who goes well with the image of werewolf Jabob in new Hollywood movie ‘New Moon”.

A poll was conducted on GomTV from 13th till 20th November, on ‘Which local young celebrity’s image suit that of Jacob, who protects Belle in movie New Moon?’. About 184 netizens polled and 70.7% of them chose TaecYeon.

2PM recently released their comeback 1st album ‘1:59PM’ and is known as the ‘beasty idol’ in Korea. And of the 2PM members, TaecYeon stands out in terms of his overflowing charisma and has received much love from fans. He has also showcased his charms with his collaboration with Baek Ji Young for ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

Go under the cut for rest of the survey results.

Rest of the survey results:

  1. 2PM TaecYeon
  2. Big Bang TaeYang
  3. SHINee Minho
  4. 2AM SeulOng



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