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Daul Kim’s company reveals suicide as cause of death

The company of late top model Daul Kim speaks up officially about her death.

Kim SoYeon, representative of Esteem Model, said on 24th November, “Kim Daul has hung herself at her home in France Paris on 19th November.”

“Her body was found at local time 9.30am on 19th November, we cannot confirm the time of death. A memorial will be held for her on 23rd November by family and friends.”

And about the reasons for Daul Kim’s suicide, the representative said, “This girl has started out modelling at a very young age, and she felt the intense anxiety and uneasiness about the rest of her life. In addition, she was not able to live the normal life like any girls at her age. We suspect that she had felt confused and lost, after experiencing the difference in anticipation before and after she has reached the top of her career.”

“The reason why we did not come out to announce her death officially is that we do not want to further cause hurt to her soul.”

s: DongaNews


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