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Another Big Bang member might take the role for Zero Plus

I reported a few hours ago that YG Entertainment had turned down a lead role for T.O.P. on a new upcoming drama, Zero Plus. But after all, he has been quite busy these days working as both a Big Bang member and acold-blooded killer, so it’s understandable. However, the president of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Seok, just released an official statement how a schedule conflict wasn’t the real reason why they rejected the role. Turns out, they are actually looking for another member of Big Bang to fill the spot.

Yang Hyun Suk stated:

“What was released through the press is completely different from the truth. We are currently looking for another Big Bang member, since we believed T.O.P. is not suitable for that specific role. We did consider T.O.P. at first for Song Ji Na’s new drama which YG will be producing, Zero Plus, as a student who dreams to be a musical actor. However, we believed T.O.P. the rapper is not fitting for the role of a student. It is true that T.O.P.’s schedule is very hectic as an actor and a member of Big Bang, but we would never reject a role for Song Ji Na’s drama with the excuse of a busy schedule.”

Wow, another Big Bang member going into acting? Who do you think would be most ‘fitting’ for such role?


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  1. I think Daesung should do it!! We see so much about the other 4… (actually, I haven’t really seen too much about V.I either… :/) And I honestly think out of all the singers, he has the strongest voice… I really want to see what he can do! 🙂

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