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PD of ‘We Got Married’ clarifies, “Lee Teuk and Dana couple on show? That’s not true”

The production team to MBC ‘We Got Married’ recently came out to clarify on rumours about Super Junior Lee Teuk and Cheon Sang Ji Hee Dana on joining the show.

Jung YoonJung PD to the show said on 24th November, “I’ve heard about rumours onLee Teuk and Dana joining as a couple, but that’s definitely not true.”

The PD added, “For a couple to join ‘We Got Married’, they have to be interviewed by us first. But the 2 of them, they did go through any interview with us.”

There has beeen many discussions amongst netizens on bulletin boards since the beginning of this month about Lee Teuk and Dana joining as couple on the show. Many netizens claimed that they saw the 2 filming for the show, and the netizens accounts have spread really fast online.

One netizen said, “Lee Teuk and Dana will be the make-believe couple on the show. They are preparing for shooting in the apartment next to their company, there are posters for Dana, Super Junior and Lee Teuk on the trucks present also.”


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