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TOP and Jyu-Ni’s kiss scene in ‘IRIS’ confirmed

It is said that TOP and Jyu-Ni had a kiss scene in KBS 2TV drama ‘IRIS’.

The filming of kiss scene for cold-blooded killer of secret organisation IRIS in the show played by TOP and NSS programmer Yang MiJung played by Jyu-Ni during their date out has ended recently.

The love scene by the 2 was actually the topic amongst netizens who witnessed the filming recently. But not much about the love scene was revealed and this has got many curious about it.

A staff from the drama said on 24th November, “There is a kiss scene between TOP and Jyu-Ni in the show. But as for why the 2 kissed and what happened, we cannot reveal as of now. Please stay tuned to the drama to find out if the 2 are really in love or there is another truth behind it.”

The staff also added, “We cannot confirm exactly when the scene will appear because editing in still in the way, but viewers will be able to see the scene soon.”


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