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Ivy’s embarrassment photos give netizens a good laugh

Singer Ivy’s embarrassing (?) photos have been the laugh of the netizens.

Netizens recently posted up photoshopped photos or captures of her performing her recent hit song ‘Touch Me’ and called them ‘Ivy Embarrassment Photos’ on an online portal site recently.

There were 4 photos in total. The first one features one part of Ivy’s dance movements being compared to an orang utan and there was a caption which says ‘fight’ attached.

Other photos show comic characters and other figures being photoshopped into photos of her in various dance positions. Netizens’ responses to the photos were, “Ivy getting her kimchi in the such a special way”, “playing ice skating? ㅋㅋㅋ” etc

Meanwhile, Ivy is in the midst of criticisms from netizens and viewers for her over-suggestive performance with 2PM Nich Khun on 2009 MAMA.

Here’s her ‘Touch Me’ performance


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